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A Result-Driven, Open Concept Skincare Experience

Pause Facial Bar, in Downtown Baraboo, is a result-driven, open concept skincare experience. Our team of aesthetic professionals are dedicated to delivering customized & flexible Skin Care solutions for skin of all ages, types & concerns.

Want to maintain healthy, glowing skin without committing to a full day at the spa? Book a PCA Chemical Peel, Derma facial, Anti-aging or Acne treatment, Lash service, or Wax and continue your day with a fresh healthy glow.

What’s New in Pause?

Bright & Tight Facial

Elevate your self confidence with Pause Facial Bar Newest Tight & Bright Facial Bar’s Brightening Facial. Bright & Tight Facial refines texture & reduces pores, while vitamin C combats dullness and unveils radiant luminosity.

Bright & Tight Facial at Pause Facial Bar

We encourage hard-working individuals to prioritize time for themselves or press “PAUSE”.

Simply give us 45 mins to give you a healthy glow.


client testimonials from pause facial bar positive

“My first visit at Pause Facial Bar in Downtown Baraboo was AMAZING! My esthetician helped me pick out services and PCA Skincare to help with my fine lines and dry skin. I felt so comfortable and loved being able to unwind with one of the Fresh Pressed Juices. I can’t wait till my next appointment! ”

Wendy, Madison, WI

“My daughter and I booked appointments together at Pause Facial Bar and we had a blast! The open concept allowed for us to get our services together and still be able to hang out. Her service focused more on blemish and deep cleansing while I chose anti-aging services. We will definitely be coming back for another girl’s day at Pause!”

Cindy & Kayla, Wisconsin Dells, WI

“I tried the Rezenerate Service at Pause Facial Bar and my skin has never looked better! I can see a noticeable difference in the texture and glowyness of my skin.”

Melissa, Baraboo, WI


7 Benefits of Facial Peels

If you're looking to rejuvenate your skin, combat acne, or achieve a brighter, smoother complexion, PCA facial peels a Pause Facial Bar might be the solution you've been searching for. These chemical peels, offered by our skincare professionals, offer a range [...]

The Benefits of PCA Skin Care Peels This Autumn

As the vibrant colors of summer give way to the cozy embrace of autumn, our skincare routines also need a seasonal transition and Pause Facial Bar has the perfect collection of PCA Peel services. The fall season offers the perfect opportunity [...]

Lash Lift and Brow Lamination

Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Combo Pause Facial Bar our premier destination for exquisite lash & Brow  enhancements – where your eyes become the canvas of captivating beauty. Discover the artistry of our Lash Lift and Tint services and Brow [...]

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